01 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody!  This was a crazy year for us because I wanted to get one last family costume in before Oscar gets too big to refuse.  He was a tough sell this year, I tell you what.  Whoo buddy.  And these costumes had to be somewhat simple to create, as I cannot find ANYTHING in my house yet.  That what happens when you have only 2 weeks to pack up and move!  I still cannot seem to find my dang clothes hangers...

Anyway, we went with a group costume this year to welcome our newest (and last) member of the fam.  We did "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin." The boys shirts were freezer paper stencils, my shirt is a reversible-appliqued maternity shirt with a freezer papered pumpkin and sewn leaves, and Tim's is a white hoodie with some serious alterations and a red duct tape collar.  All in all, we spent about $50 bucks on our total ensemble.  Ahh yeah.

Me as the Great Pumpkin, Oscar as Linus, Tim as Snoopy, and Charlie as his namesake.

This year we went to the Jonesborough ("oldest town in TN") downtown events and to our church for a "trunk or treat." Oscar loved the whole idea of people giving him candy, especially Reeses and M&Ms.  You couldn't find a happier boy than him.  He told me today that he "REALLY loves living in Tennessee."  I think he seems to think Halloween is just a TN thing.

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