09 May 2013

Crabby the Crab

Oz has a preschool program tonight where his class will be performing songs for the sea. Cute, eh? Well I've know about it for a week, but somehow things get left till last minute... You know how it goes. 

Anyway, I had a thrifted red hoodie and loads of felt, so last night Tim and I went to work. We glued a lighter shade of red felt to the front for a "crab shell underbelly." And then Tim drew out a claw template on some felt and I hot-glued the edges to make some claw mittens. I got some ping-pong balls and a sharpie to make eyes and just attached them with hot glue to red plastic straws (with a pipe cleaner threaded through for added strength). Then I glued the straws to a piece of felt for a base and then glued that felt to the hoodie. Success! 

Now, hopefully my little crab will sing. Cross your fingers, everybody.


Christie Tudor said...

Brilliant darling.

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