09 April 2007

Easter Hat Parade in NYC

Now THIS was fun! Tim took me to the NYC Easter Hat Parade yesterday and we had a blast. We met up with some friends of ours, Lou and Anne and their hilarious sons (who each made a hat to sport), and made a morning out of it. My hat was relatively plain compared to some of the wild and crazy hats we saw yesterday! Good Lord. I don't know how these people balanced the hats on top of their heads. I don't even know where these people found the time to make some of these crazy hats. You can go view my slide show of pretty hats here. (You'll notice that I'm in a lot of them... I just went up to people and said "I like your hat. Will you be in a picture with me?" I hugged/put-my-arm-around a lot of random people yesterday.) The picture here is of me and Super Bunny. I don't actually know what Super Bunny is good for, but he sure is cute, isn't he? What do you think his super powers could be?

One thought about yesterday: I have to say, as silly as I felt walking through Manhattan to get to that parade with my silly daisy hat, when we actually arrived at the parade, I was so glad to even have a hat! I felt so out of place while people gawked at me on the train/subway, but when I was at the parade, having that hat made me feel like I had a private joke with all the other hat people. I would look at another hat person and grin, and that hat person would shoot back an even bigger grin. I felt like I was part of a club or something. Oh what fun.

I can cross another thing off my list now!!!


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