30 May 2007

Losing My Dignity...

Yeah, today I lost it. My propriety is lying in a ditch somewhere in Scarsdale. (Honestly, this will be my last blog entry about the bridesmaid dress... I promise... At least, last entry BEFORE the wedding.) Here it goes... this may be a long one.

I had to pick up my dress from the "tailor" today because tomorrow we fly out to Tallahassee in the wee hours of the morning. Naturally, I had to have some alterations done to the dress. (I say naturally because if something costs money, of course I wind up having to pay something. My momma doesn't call me a princess for nothing. Just ask Tim.) Anyway, I took it to the "tailor" because I was a bit afraid to do the bodice portion on my own. I could have hemmed the bottom skirt and fixed the neckline, but when it comes to zippers, I get bashful, you know?!? I really should have just tried, but you can't JUST TRY something on a dress you paid $220 bucks for. The very thought of screwing it up makes me nauseated. So, off to the "tailor."

Have you been wondering why I've used quotes around the word "tailor?" Well, be patient.

First, I have to say that I did NOT wait till the last minute. You may think I did, because I picked it up the day before I'm leaving, but I gave the "tailor" the dress early last week. That gave her plenty of time and she even told me this herself. (I didn't take it in a month ago, because I've been working hard on my weight and I wanted the dress to really fit nicely... hence the time lapse.) The "tailor" made it clear to me that I could pick up the dress early this morning. So, this morning I call and she tells me not to come by until this afternoon at four. This leads me to believe, since there isn't too much alteration work involved, she must have forgotten about my dang dress. Warning sign #1.

Warning signs #2 and #3 should have actually been #1 and #2 - the state of and location of the "tailor's" shop. It's located in Scarsdale, which is an expensive area to live (they have consistently been voted as having one of the best school districts in the nation). Expensive area = expensive prices. That should have been a no-brainer, but since it was really the closest "tailor" around, I figured I'd give it a shot. And when I saw her place I thought it couldn't cost too much. The place was a total wreck, with clothes piled high everywhere, a Spanish Jerry Springer type show playing in a back room, and a ratty curtain to change behind and such. But a wrecked workplace also means someone who is not organized - someone who will wait until the day of to alter your dang dress. But I digress...

So anywho, I go in at four to pick up this dress, expecting it to be ready, and of course it is not. She has me try it on to make sure it is good so far, though. She still had to press it, cut hem strings, and fix the halter neck (so she said). So I put it on and I'm looking at myself in the mirror and I am aghast. There are strings everywhere, like she has JUST now finished the hem. It also looked like she totally just eyeballed the job, as in didn't bother using a ruler to make sure that the hem was straight. Warning sign #4. She sees that I am pissed and tells me it's not a problem and that it just needs to be pressed. Okay, guess what chick - I also know how to sew and I know you are sewing lies right now and that the bottom of my dress is now screwed up. At this point, I just hope Lynnae (bride) doesn't freak that my dress will be noticeably shorter than all the rest. I know that I am screwed though, because she is even making sure we all wear matching lipstick.

Warning sign # 5 (but who's counting?!?) happens when the "tailor" tells me to be careful with the dress because the ivory overlay chiffon stuff "pulls" easily. She says this while trying to fix a place that probably got stuck in the needle mess behind ratty curtain number 2. And low and behold, as she tries to fix it by tugging a little, she tears a great big hole in the front of my dress. Yes folks, now I'm really screwed. I'm just thinking to myself that Lynnae is going to kill me. Luckily, the hole torn was right along a seam, so the "tailor" was able to fix it, it just looks a bit different than the rest of the dress because the seam line is now slightly crooked. Ahh yeah.

So, at this point, the "tailor" asks me to come back in an hour, at five, so she can fix everything. When I come back at five, I try the dress on again. I am still disappointed with the crooked hemline, I am also newly disappointed that one of my seams is now slightly jacked up ("reinforced" is what she calls it), but at least now the neck clasp is fixed. But speaking of clasps, the "tailor" asked me about the extra piece of chiffon that snaps onto the back of my dress (to act as kind of a train). Apparently, she took out the snaps that clasp it to the dress - although she denies it. (I KNOW they were there. I saw them.) She said that I could just saftey-pin it on. Yeah. Really. And then she handed me some saftey-pins "at no charge." Is this warning sign #6? Well, regardless of the signage, at this point, I am totally stuck with this so-called "tailor."

And finally, (you've been a patient audience) we come to the price. Now, I've had alterations before, even on bridesmaid dresses. They usually run anywhere from $20 to $60, depending on what you have done. I was expecting to pay around $50 because of the area - everything is expensive in NY. I thought she may cut me a better price because I was nice about all of her craziness and because she screwed my dress up so badly. The "tailor" says to me "I usually charge $125 for this kind of work, but for you, I give it to you for $100." I think that right about then is where I lost my integrity.

To make a long story short (er), I walked away with only paying her $50 dollars. And ain't none of us happy about it, either.


Jennifer said...

Oooooooooohhhhh, if you ask me, that woman was lucky to get anything out of you at all. I'm assuming you gave her a sizeable piece of your mind? I would have been FURIOUS! I am FURIOUS for YOU! Ugh!! :(

YellowRose said...

Suzy, that "tailor" is lucky she saw that $50, if it had been me, she'd had seen my backside as I walked out with my dress!!! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, and I hope the bride doesn't give you grief! Just smile and remind her all eyes will be on her anyway! ;)

Christie said...

Oh freakin crap!! What a nightmare! You poor thing. Now, I really hope you have a good time away - despite the dress. I want to hear all about all of this craziness when you get back. Much love and a hug!

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