30 May 2007

White Wedding

Well, it's finally here. Tomorrow we fly down to Tallahassee for Lynnae's wedding. Remember how hard I've been working on that girlish figure of mine so I don't end up being "the fat bridesmaid?!?" Well, I can honestly say I've lost two sizes since January. Ahh yeah. That boils down to a little over 25 pounds. (That sounded gross... sorry for that... the word boil and the word pound should never be combined in a sentence. Excuse me while I shudder.) This (pictured) is the infamous dress I'll be wearing. And no, I still won't quite look like that. And believe me, this picture doesn't do the dress justice. It is much MUCH worse. There is definitely a bridal conspiracy going on here.

Anyway, this whole Florida adventure is going to be expensive. Thank goodness we have already paid for the flight, the hotel, and the car rental with our last paychecks (around $1000 dollars!!!). So, at least when we get paid tomorrow, we'll still be able to eat and such while we visit. And we will DEFINITELY have to make a vacation out of this. (We spent less money visiting Nantucket!)

I've looked up some things to do in Tally, although there really isn't much. (Even my trusty Roadside America website didn't give me any info!) All I've been able to find so far, is an antique car museum that has one of the Batmobiles and also Penquin's Duckmobile, which would be kinda cool to see (me and my brother are total Batman geeks). I also found a state garden that we may visit. Other than that, there really isn't anything. So if anybody reading this has been to Tally and know of any fun things to do, please email me! One thing for sure that I am gonna do is eat at a Chick-fil-a!!! I seriously miss their yummy chicken sandwiches.

The best thing about this trip is going to be seeing people I've missed, though. I'm looking forward to hanging out with the whole Bellmoff clan (the bride's family) and seeing one of my best buddys, Rachel. Rach has been out of the country for about three years now, in South Africa. She and her hubby Chris are our "kindred spirits," if you know what I mean. I haven't seen Rach in two years, which has been tough. And communication has been really really sucky (three second delays) and expensive and just not satisfying at all. It will be great to hang out face to face and basically to re-get to know her!

So there it is, the trip before the trip. I better start packing.


Christie said...

Oh, please say Hi and give them both a squeeze for me. I hope you guys have a blast. Much love.

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