28 May 2007

Memorial Day Memories

Alas, Memorial Day has now officially ended. Hope ya'll all had a nice one with family and whatnot - maybe even an enjoyable barbecue. Ours was eventful, as well. But without the grill... Tim tried to cook out for me and baby brother Andy, and our now almost 8 yr. old wedding present, a mini-grill-thing, cracked under pressure. Time to invest in a new one, I guess. We did have ice cream, though - that's for dang sure. What is Memorial Day without ice cream?!?

(This is me at the Blue Pig - our fave little ice cream place in Croton. I'm enjoying a strawberry and pig chips cone. The best thing about this place is the little cone holder thing they give you, called "the buddy system." It keeps the ice cream from dripping all down your fingers. I'm notorious for having sticky finger syndrome...)

This morning, Tim and I visited the Van Cortlandt Manor to see the "Animals and Acrobats" show - it was an 1800's circus fair, basically. It was cute. We saw a bit of fire juggling, a tightrope walker clown guy, a petting zoo, a magician, a scary mime, and a troop of "Acrobrats." It was geared mostly for kids, but hey - I'm generally just a big kid anyway. It was nice just to hang out with my guy.

That's all. Happy Memorial Day.


YellowRose said...

Cute pictures, the ice cream looks quite yummy! ;) Sounds like you had a fun weekend!!

Barbie Girl said...

Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day!

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