06 June 2007

Tallahassee's Freaky Car Museum

Have you ever wanted to see a Batmobile? What about a Batmobile and an asteroid? How about a Batmobile, an asteroid, and some makeshift weapons confiscated from convicts? Well, sprinkle in some old cars, a REALLY old cave bear skull from Russia, a whole bunch of freaky teddy bears having tea parties, and some other old memorabilia and you have a museum! And an interesting one at that. Welcome to the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum.

First of all, I'd like to remark that we were afraid to enter this museum. This is REALLY the sign that greets you. (It's the blue one... see it?) And the building has this bizarre kind of decorative bars on the windows. Very odd. Tim was all, "Are you sure about this, Suzy?" And I said, "Look - I really want to see a Batmobile and a cave bear skull today. I need it to maintain my sanity during this hectic wedding stuff. Besides, I am about to get my hair done." That last sentence was a warning to him, and so he parked the car.

We entered and paid the man $10 dollars for both us - a small price to pay for the eclectic jems we got to marvel (and giggle) over. I'll name my highlights so if ever you visit, reader, you'll know what to look for and what to expect because I'm just that generous. We saw not one, but TWO Batmobiles. One from Batman Forever and also the one from Batman Returns (the last one is the cooler of the two). Also from Batman Returns, the car museum had the Duckmobile!!! Yes, for real. They also had the Batwing and the Batcycle from the old Adam West TV show. I was thrilled to see all this Batman memorabilia (Andy and I - we're big Batman geeks). Apart from all the Batman stuff; there were taxidermied animals, old baseball stuff, tiny cars for kids - with the car that the Little Rascals rode around in called Casey Jones, an asteriod and a dinosaur egg, a little replica of Sparkie the electric chair, the Bandit (yes, I said the Bandit), the cave bear skull, the horse-drawn hearse that carried Abe Lincoln's body, all kinds of cool cars like a Viper and a Shelby, and even some cool old bikes. I feel like we got our money's worth, for sure. Check out my pictures to see what you think, reader!


Christie said...

What a bizarre place! Definitely eclectic. I would have thought the Batmobiles would have been in a special Batman museum. That's pretty cool that you saw them in person.

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