04 June 2007

The Wedding

Okay everyone, let me hear a collective "Ahhh..." for the newly weds. So here they are, Lynnae and Mike Psimas (it's Greek - it sounds kinda like "sea mass"). Aren't they cute?!?

And thank heavens the weather held off!!! That morning, the Florida drought broke and it rained really hard. The Floridians said it was a tropical storm blowing in. All I know is that it finally stopped and that I stepped in a MASSIVE mud puddle coming down that isle, but I kept a smile on my face regardless. And I kept that dopey smile on, even though I was SO cold in that backless dress (the wind was blowing so hard that the preacher had to hold the arbor up during the service).

So, do you want to see how I looked in that dress? The dress I complained about so very much? Are you ready?!? Don't laugh. (Well, I won't know if you laugh or not. But you better not. Karma will know if you laugh at me.) Click here to see it. Hope you like it. I think I cleaned up pretty good.


Christie said...

You were absolutely gorgeous in that dress! All that fretting for nothing. Hope you have fun with your sis and little niece. I absolutely love her recent "little one" picture.

Jennifer said...

*wolf whistle* You look great, Suzy! I should look so good in a dress *sigh*! I bet nobody had any idea what torture you had to go through with that dress, did they?

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