16 October 2007

Black Snake Moan

Have you seen the movie "Black Snake Moan" yet? Well, it's not one of those feel-good movies, but I have to say that it was really well written. Honestly, this is not a movie I would be comfortable watching with ANYONE else. Be warned. It has some crazy scenes in it that caused me much discomfort. But really worth seeing. This flick is absolutely pregnant with messages. I loved this quote from the good Reverend R.L. (It's not misspelled, btw.)

I'ma tell you something and it's just gonna be between you and me. I think folks carry on about heaven too much, like it's some kind of all you can eat buffet up in the clouds and folks just do as they told so they can eat what they want behind some pearly gates. There's sinning in my heart, there's evil in the world but when I got no one, I talk to God. I ask for strength, I ask for forgiveness, not peace at the end of my days when I got no more life to live or no more good to do but today, right now... What's your heaven?


Susan said...

That's quite a quote, Suzy! It's one that seems like it'd be worth chewing on a while.

Thanks for dropping by yesterday. Your Mom is a hoot! I loved finally meeting her face to face.

:-) Susan

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