12 October 2007

I wish I had an umbrella...

You know that song "I'm only happy when it rains?" Well, I am the total opposite of that. It just seems that whenever it rains, nothing goes right. Fuses (in my crappily wired apartment)blow and I end up getting ready for work in the dark, because I used the last bus fuse whenever it rained last time... It takes twice the amount of time to get to work because the parkways are flooded so everyone decides to drive in MY direction... The new landlord is a smoker, I guess, because lately when it rains the apartment smells like a dang ash tray... My hair is frizzy... And finally, to even START my car these past couple of days is a trial in patience (something is seriously wrong with it and my husband has been too busy at his work to get it fixed - hint hint if you're reading this, Tim)...

So yeah. Here's hoping that this day goes by quickly, because I'm off to a real rough start.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

So sorry that you day did not start out well. Here is hoping that it will end GREAT!! Your mom and several other blogging babes are descending up my house this weekend...wow!! FUN!!


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