18 November 2007

Johnson City

Hey ya'll - we're here in Johnson City safe and sound. Having fun and visiting our best good friends! I'll upload pictures soon.

So far, here's what we've been up to. Yesterday we went to the Carter Family Fold (the REAL birthplace of country music) with Celeste, Bryon, and Ruthie. It was real interesting. A lady played a fiddle with a hair comb, a chopstick, and a then a toothpick. Wacky. And no, I didn't square dance nor was I tempted to do so. Today we went to our old church and had a yummy lunch at the Crazy Tomato with some cool gals from our old Sunday school class we taught, back in the day. Then, I got to see my ducks. (There is this stream near the place we used to live, where I would always picnic. There were always tons of ducks and mallards and other strange bird hybrids...) Well, no trip would be complete without a visit to my water spot to see my winged buddies. We even went down to Kroger (ahh Kroger...) and got some bread to feed them. They almost took off my hand they were so hungry. I wonder if they have been waiting for me to get back? Have they been hungry this whole time? We also drove by our old place which made me happy and sad at the same time - happy that it is still there and sad that the garden looks so shabby! Whatever. We completed the afternoon with a visit to our fave used bookstore - Mr. K's - and a trip to a cool consignment store called Plato's Closet (got some sweet jackets, even). And now we're spending the night at Bryon's and Celeste's, watching Tron and eating popcorn. And tomorrow will hold even more adventures!

So basically, coming back makes you wonder why you ever left.


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