15 November 2007


This isn't something I should blog about, but I'm enraged. And it is a really good thing that I am going on vacation soon and won't have to see a certain person for a week. It will give me time to chill out and remember what is important in life. Because right now I am ready to beat the crap out of something... anything... so watch out.

I am angry at someone who has a low self-esteem and for this reason acts completely nasty to me. I know that this person tends to direct her foulness at me mainly because I am younger and I hold a position of authority over her. She is petty and rude. And most of all, she is totally passive-aggressive. I HATE people who are passive-aggressive. This person SO does not even deserve my time and energy, but I really don't know how much longer I am going to deal. I think one of the main reasons I am so upset about the situation is that I have bent over backwards to be nice to this person. Well, obviously that hasn't worked. I've had one-on-one confrontations with this person. That also has not solved the problem. I have spoken to the powers that be even. No dice. What is next? I'm envisioning cat fight. I can take her. I'm scrappy. Any suggestions?

(About the photo - this is sweet puppy Spot trying to be friends with mean cat Juno. Sound familiar? Well, guess who won this battle? Spot!)


Christie said...

Hey, my money's on you. I love this picture. She looks almost as evil as Pan did with Soleil. Sorry you have to deal with all that drama. Love you and miss you.

Brandon said...

Take her down! But make sure Tim takes pictures...

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Believe it or not I have had this happen several times in my life. It first happened when I was a very young 23 year old. I just decided that one day I was going to confront her. I just asked her straight out..
"Why do you not like me?" She called me a baby!! I felt better though because I had confronted her. I DO NOT like confrontation!! That is not me at all but I had to do something. I think it will come to that!! So sorry..Sandy

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