03 December 2007

Johnson City Visit

Well folks, I've finally loaded the pictures we took of our visit to Johnson City, TN - our old hometown. Anyway, they are viewable here. Also, here's a short video for your enjoyment! (More Thanksgiving pictures coming soon...)


Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, it turned out well....I'm impressed. Love the picture of you and your ducks!

Jani said...

Suzie, i'm trying to mail something to Rachel, before martin and i move back to South Africa in a week...

is there a way that i can send it to you? Will you see her before they move to AZ? if so, please email me your address.

thank you Suzie, i'm sure you are so excited about their move!

Anonymous said...

Check out the Johnson City Press regarding the ducks. It sounds like they may be moving.

Story published: 12-08-2007 •

"Rezoning gives boost to plans for apartments"

"Ducks that congregate along Love Street on the banks of Brush Creek would find their space reduced by the planned project. (Dave Boyd / Johnson City Press)"

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