06 December 2007


This is the worst picture there has ever been of my brother. I look at this and it makes me laugh till I practically pee myself. Notice the lovely Bill Cosby-esque sweater he has on... and the handful of those foul circus peanuts... and the angle that makes my ordinarily handsome and SLIM brother look like he is over 300 pounds! (He is going to be so mad.) I had to post this because today I needed a bit of comic relief. The way my day so far has gone is:

1) I was the person in charge of the library today. Big boss was off, her assistant was sick, and my boss was taking a vacation day. Daggum it. I hate responsibility. And what is it? Murphy's Law? Yeah - of course something happened. Some kid slipped on our icy entrance. I had to call the town lawyer and write an incident report and everything. Daggum.

2) My stupid car broke AGAIN. What is the deal?!? We have been to the mechanic SO many times in this past two months. Not cool. I see dollar signs. Merry stinking Christmas.

3) My keyboard is also broken. I cannot use the arrow buttons (which I use surprisingly frequently) and also my apostrophe button! So, no contractions for me, which makes my writing way too proper.

4) And finally, I am losing my voice AGAIN. This is vocal loss #3. This has been a rough season for me.

And hence, my need for comic relief. Sorry Andy Pandy. You know I still love you. I am just laughing at your expense.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

I thought that was Andy but i thought...WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM? I am so happy it is just the angle that he is laying..
PS i dont like those peanut things either.
Hope your day is better tomorrow!! I know how it is to lose your voice!! But maybe people will feel sorry for you..Smile


Jennifer said...

Ooooooh....do you not think he'll try to get you back? ;) How funny!
I'm sorry everything's fallen aparty for you today...blech! Maybe tomorrow will be better!! (HUGS)

jdawg said...

My car broke to. I wanted to push it off the 7th floor of the parking garage today. I say we take our stinkin Saturns and toss them in the harbor...but oh yeah, mine won't even start to make there. I feel your pain. Timmy time to get your wife a pimped up new car!

Anonymous said...

dude that's so wrong but, if it makes you giggle, post away. yea..see..now that's love!!

also, since we're pointing out everything that's wrong with me in this picture, don't forget the scary, freaky eye i seem to be giving.

glad i could make you giggle,

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