16 January 2008

Daily Sick and Andy is Visiting

My mom let me know today that it is inappropriate (in blog etiquette) to mention something and never follow back up on it. True, true. I apologize reader.

So, about The Daily Show on Monday, we had a great time. Fifty points if you actually watched it in hopes of seeing yours truly. (I would be SO impressed.) Anywho, we were the second group of people in line and we sat pretty close to Jon. They were really good seats as far as proximity, except that we were in a odd corner so half the stage was blocked from our view. Bummer. But in case you're wondering, Jon Stewart is just as much a cutie pie in real life (I know my sister was probably wondering this...) and he is a seriously funny guy - writers or not. And wow, he is pretty short, too! I never pictured him as such a petite fella, cause he is always behind that desk, but he is tiny!

We felt sorry for him because he is back on air with over half of his staff missing due to the writers strike going on still. But he was great about it. He was calm and patient with the rest of his staff, I even saw him thanking people and such. He just seems like good people. But it was freaky walking into the studio with an angry picket line boycotting what you were about to see. It made me feel like such a rebel. So yeah, Jon Stewart is an amazingly witty guy and a master at improv and we had a good ole time.

Sick? Did anybody say sick? Umm, yeah. I am sick for the 5th time this dang season. And I just want to say that I am awfully sick of being sick. The only thing that would make my chapped runny nose feel better is if somebody would buy me this tissue holder. Anybody? Come on... I can't even breath here...

Well, I gotta go - baby brother is here for a visit and we need to girl-talk. We gotta go make cookies too. He is so great. I wish everybody had a little brother. I'll just try not to sneeze on him too much.


Jennifer said...

That tissue holder is AWESOME!! I love it!!! I need something like that myself...I have kept this cold so long that my nose always has little flakes on it...from being chapped. And on a nose like this, you can't miss it *rolls eyes*. Hope you get better soon, hon! :)
Enjoy your Andy time! Send me some cookies!

Christie said...

hee hee hee, hope you had a good time last night, feel better Suzy

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