15 January 2008


Go here to see the footage of Tom Cruise talking about Scientology. If that doesn't scare the beajesus out of you, then consider yourself hardcore. As for me, whenever I hear his creepy laugh from now on, I am going to be transported to unhappy place where crazy fundamentalists roam the land and think that their own set of "ethics" should be placed before others (and yes, he says exactly that in this video clip. I kid you not.) - either that, or I will just sing Jesus Loves Me and sit in the fetal position. One or the other.

Below are some of the highlights (and these are straight quotes... and yes, he does seem disjointed and illiterate) :

Tom Cruise: ...I think it’s a privilege to call yourself a Scientologist, and it’s something that you have to earn because a Scientologist does... has the ability to create new and better realities and improve conditions. Being a Scientologist, you look at someone and know absolutely that you can help them.

"Being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident... you know you have to do something about it because you know you’re the only one that can really help.

"We have a responsibility.

"We are the authorities on getting people off drugs, we are the authorities on the mind, we are the authorities on improving conditions... we can rehabilitate criminals.

"I have to do it because I can’t live with myself if I don’t, and that really is it.

"So it’s our responsibility to educate, create the new reality. We have that responsibility to say, 'Hey, this is the way it should be done because we do it this way and people are actually getting better.'

"I want to know that I’ve done everything I could everyday, and I think about those people out there who are depending on us. I think about that and it does make me feel that we’ve got more work. I need more help, get those spectators either in the playing field or out of the arena. Really, that’s how I feel about it.


Christie said...

talk about the Magisterium! what a psycho!

Christie said...

kudos for sparking my interest in researching Scientology. All I can say is, "Whew!" That's some crazy stuff. I think my favorite part is the story of Xenu, with aliens blowing people up with hydrogen bombs.

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