31 January 2008

Ketchup Post

Miss me? I've been too sleepy to post lately. Sorry, ya'll. I've written some lovely posts in my mind, however. I'm just too lazy to post those, though. Anyway, life moves on.

Lately, I'm dealing with a husband who is playing "phone tag" with his doctor about his hernia that we've waited to get fixed. He never seems to connect with his doctor. I ask myself why? Is this because he secretly doesn't want his hernia fixed?!? Hmmm... And he never seems to connect with the hospital to do a sleep study. Is this because he doesn't want to be told he has sleep apnea?!? I don't know, but I have resolved that this is the year he gets this taken care of. (So Mr, you can keep ignoring me, but this is where I take a stand and become the nagging wife. If you're reading this, ask yourself if you have picked up the phone of your own accord and called your doctor. And do you really want your beautiful, amazing, and loving wife to keep bugging you about this?) As an aside note, I think it is really funny that our doctor is "Dr. Reddy" (sounds like "ready" as in "Are you ready?!?").

Work has been busy lately. I had an incredible book club meeting last night. (I don't usually blog about work, but this was cool...) I host a reading club for 4th and 5th graders at my library and I really have the most incredible group of kids ever. We read "The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff : You Wish" by Jason Lethcoe for this month and the kids really loved it. The book is about an orphaned boy who makes a wish on his 11th birthday for all the wishes in the world and because he follows all of the wish-making rules exactly, he gets his wish. All kinds of magical problems follow at the "Wishworks Factory," where the wishes get processed and a great little story ensues. The book was excellent for discussion because it had a lot to say about wishes vs. curses and hope vs. revenge. Anyway, I had a book to raffle off, so when the kids came in, I had them make a wish and then write their name on a little slip of paper. Some kids even wrote their wishes. They knew it was for a raffle, but didn't know I was raffling off a copy of the book. Well, when I drew the name of the winner, I was shocked to see that this girl had actually wished for a copy of book! How cool is that?!? So afterward, I made sure to read all the slips of paper to see the other wishes (don't judge me) and two of the kids in my group wishes that I would do a reading club for them when they got to 6th grade! Now if that is not flattering, I don't know what is. Especially since these are 4th and 5th graders - and they were wishing for something not tangible. Think about it. That is real cool. Like I said, I have the best group of kids in the world.

What else has happened that is of note? I placed a bet on the Super Bowl this year. If you actually KNOW me, and know that I basically loathe football, and have no interest in the sport, then you will find this mildly entertaining. The town I work in (Westchester is divided up by towns and villages - odd) does a spread sheet thingy where you buy a box and if your box is the game score at the end of the quarters, then you win "points" (a legal way of saying "dollars"). It is 450 "points" for both the 1st and the 3rd quarter, 7oo "points" for half, and 1400 "points" for the final score. (The box itself cost me 30 big fat "points.") It's a total long shot, but this way, Tim and I can watch the game and possibly enjoy it. Now I just need to learn the rules of football! The box number I bought was number 42, because it is the answer to all the questions of the universe. (If you're a geek like me, you will get that literary reference.) So here is hoping that the Giants score ends in a 2 and the Patriots score ends in a 5 at the end of one of the quarters!

That's all folks.


Christie said...

it was so great to talk to you last night. It was the highlight of my week. And yes, I do find the whole you and superbowl thing pretty entertaining.

jdawg said...

i thought this was going to be a post about ketchup, i get the pun but please don't do that to me again, i really like ketchup and well you can imagine my disappointment!

Lazy Daisy said...

Speaking of calling your mom....Call your mom!

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