01 February 2008

Happy Birthday Becky!

Happy Birthday to my favorite big sister - she turns 30 today. What an old woman! It's crazy that time goes by so quickly. I remember fighting her for clothes, playing soccer with her (she always kicked my butt), and getting boy advice from her (she didn't tolerate those type of talks until college, though...). And now she lives up in Canada with her hubby and her one year old, teaching English courses. Crazy. Well, I hope her day is a good one and she doesn't get any black balloons or any crap like that. I hear there is life after 30.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Oh my dear there is certainly "Life after 30!!" I am going to be 63 soon and feel great!!
I am here in Illinois this week with my parents. My dad had a bad day this past Sunday. He was at church and just sort of blanked out. He has now been diagnosed with alzheimers. he is on medication and I believe it is helping him a lot. I go back home this coming Monday the 4th. Boy do I miss my hubby!1 Sandy

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