22 February 2008

Horay for Snow Days!

Yepee! Today I didn't have to go to my 9 to 5 because my boss (who NEVER gives us snow days) gave us a snow day! I guess she was feeling benevolent to not make us try to drive through the 5 inches-and-still-falling snow this morning. I think Westchester NY just doesn't really know how to handle snow. And I work with a bunch of older women who REALLY don't like to drive on good days, much less in the snow. That's cool, though. I can totally use a Suzy Play Day.

I got to the movies last night. (I feel like I'm on vacation or something!) Tim and I went to see Juno. We've tried to see it before, but it is always sold out. So we went this time on a Thursday night. There were quite a few people in the theater still, which was surprising. Anyway, the movie itself is great. And last night, we ended up getting to see it for free, which is also great. But I wish I could have seen it under different circumstances. Throughout the entire film, something was jacked up with our projector. We missed half of the previews because the lens cap was on (possibly?) and then halfway through, the projection started wobbling like crazy. It was during one of the serious parts, too. Then when the guy fixed it, he split the screen - part of the bottom half was showing at the very top - and the movie stayed that way for a REALLY long time, even though I know a ton of people left at intervals to complain. And when that guy finally fixed that issue, he still didn't have the movie projection centered. So basically, the stuff you usually NEVER see, like microphones on poles - more specifically - we saw. For the last quarter of the movie, the serious quarter, we saw all the overhead microphones picking up the sound for the movie. (Am I painting this image correctly?) How about this: when Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman are having an emotional scene in front of Juno, I saw the microphone that was picking up whatever Garner was saying; it was dipping and bobbing over her head on the big screen. This is the kind of stuff they edit out when you buy the movie at the store "widescreen" and all. Can you say ruin the emotion?!? It is hard to take anyone seriously when you see a giant puffy microphone hanging over their head. And there was this lady in the back of the theater who would just start rolling with loud obnoxious laughter every time she saw one on the screen. I think this goes down as possibly one of my worst theater experiences ever. Maybe even worse than when my sister and I went to the movies to see "Nell" and ended up having to see "Dumb and Dumber." Maybe it was even worse than when I came into "Independence Day" late, knowing I was a few minutes late and not realizing under the movie was over that I actually came in halfway through, while the White House was being obliterated by an alien ship. And it may have even been worse than the time when I went to a tee-tiny movie theater with my folks to see "Master and Commander" and we had to sit so close to the screen that I actually got sea sick. Oh well. At least we got our money back this time.

I'm off to waste my snow day!


Christie said...

that is a dang funny post. as a movieholic I am very particular about my theater experiences, especially when you've really looked forward to a movie, and ticket prices are so jacked up as it is. glad you got your money back and I hope the movie can be redeemed for you (I still haven't seen it yet). Happy playing!

Chris Holohan said...

Same thing happened to Ray and me once, it sucked!!!!!!

jdawg said...

geez, remind me never to go to the movies with you...at least you didn't have some mom breast feeding their kid next to you...not that we would do that with our kid!?!

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