24 February 2008

(Reluctantly) 52 Blessings

(Ugg. I'm trying desperately to make this one a blessing... especially because I have to be there today.)


Okay, so I know I'm blessed to have a steady job that pays me for my time. I actually have a pretty good paying job for my profession, too. I know that at some smaller libraries, the children's librarian doesn't get near what I get. That is a blessing. Most of time the kids that come in are pretty cool kids, too. That is a blessing. There are some great families that visit my library. And I've gotten to read some great books and be "in the know" about things that are coming out. That is also a blessing. I've learned new skills, like looking confident in the face of a group of wild toddlers and their mommies and belting out songs like the Itsy Bitsy Spider and whatnot. That is a skill and, I guess, a blessing. And my library is unionized so I get crazy holidays off, like Presidents day and such, that only postal workers usually get. And that is definately a blessing. Hmmm...

Yeah, I think that is about as many blessings as I can pull out of my job right now. Can you think of any I missed? This was a tough one for me.


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