26 February 2008

Home Alone

I hate being home alone. Tim has a sleep study tonight and has to spend the night at the hospital with monitors on him. While I don't envy this (I would never be able to sleep in those circumstances), I miss him really badly. I hate being away from my best friend. Also, whenever I'm home alone, I walk around aimlessly. It's ridiculous. I'm fine when I know he'll be home in a few hours or whatever, but I'm worthless when he is away for the whole night. The cats aren't much of a help, either. They basically sit in front of the door and stare, waiting for him to come home too. Punks.

Well, when Tim finishes this sleep study, we'll know more about his weird sleep habits and possible sleep apnea. Maybe he'll have to sleep with an oxygen mask on, which will be freaky and hard to get used to. But I hate taking naps with him because I'm always afraid he'll wake up gasping for air. Whatever needs to happen to fix my fella, that's what we'll do. So I guess for now I'll just have to deal with not having him home tonight. I guess I'll go to bed or something...


Christie said...

Hey, I'm sorry you were home along chickadee. I hope it wasn't too bad. And I really hope they figure out what's up with Tim. (Tim,that's so great that you went! I hope they help.) Love you guys!

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