13 March 2008

Teenage Pregnancy and Me

Today I was judged. I know I was. But I think it was hilariously funny - so take that, mean old ladies at Curves.

I was doing my little workout routine; and at Curves there is a workout circuit, which means you go around in a circle doing the machines and are prompted to move on to the next one. Anyway, there are two machines that my doctor told me to skip, being in my second trimester and everything. So, for some reason, the ladies are always asking me why I am skipping those two machines. I don't know if it because I am 30+ years younger than most of them that they feel this is appropriate behavior or what, but I have yet to see anyone else get questioned for their routine.

Today, it got a bit personal. I was between two ladies this time, one was in her late 40's/early 50's and the other was in her late 60's. The younger of the two began the questioning after my first skipped machine. She began politely and I answered her, letting her know why I was going to be skipping certain machines (not that it was any of her business) and at first she was nice. The old woman chimed in a congratulations as well. The questions, unfortunately, kept coming. They seemed to think I was around the age of 18 and that I was a baby myself. I swear, I almost had to show these ladies ID!!!

I shrugged it off and let them know how old I am (again, none of their business) and as I left, I heard them talking about the movie Juno, in reference to me. Wow. FOR REAL. Maybe next time I'll have my birth certificate and marriage license on me. Do I really look that young?!?


Lazy Daisy said...

Yes, my baby faced daughter, you do look like a teenager yourself. Must be your great genes.

Christie said...

Ha! that's so ridiculous. Jeremy and I get that too. Oh, well- they're probably just jealous that you look that good, and have everything together for your age.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Suzy, i am so excited for this new adventure in your life!! congratulations!! I have known this for a while and been praying that all would be okay for you!! I know that your mom is of course thrilled to death.
Working here at Curves I feel bad about those women judging you that way!! i wish I would have been there and seen it..I would have stepped in!! that is stupid..although my dear you are very very young looking..Enjoy that for as long as God lets you stay young looking..Sandy

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