11 March 2008

Driving Home

The craziest things happen to me in that car ride home after work.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was driving home and singing at the top of my lungs some crazy chick music, I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. And that bugs me, because I feel like car time is private time. Don't look at me when I'm driving. Look at my vehicle, but don't watch me. I'll probably do something embarrassing and that isn't cool to be seen doing embarrassing stuff. Anyway, as I was looking around to see if I was being watched, I saw these crazy eyes peeking out from the car in front of me. It freaked me out, because the eyes were coming from the driver seat, which would mean that the person's head was spun completely around. There was bushy hair all around the odd face, too. I squinted and moved around in my seat to try and get a better angle. Then I laughed all the rest of the way home. It was some freakishly small chihuahua dog sitting on a big ole bushy headed lady.

So yesterday, I was driving home, singing at the top of my lungs (like usual), and doing my private time in the car, when I heard some kind of flapping. I was confused by it, so I turned my music down. Yup, the flapping was still there. I turned my music off and looked all around in my mirrors. I didn't see anything, so I rolled my window down and determined it was coming from the driver's side. By this time, I am freaking out a little. I don't know much about cars and I don't think (to my daddy's chagrin) that I could change a tire if need be. So I figured I'd keep driving and maybe check at a stoplight. All kinds of things are running through my mind about this time. Did I pop a tire? Did I run over some small animal and it's still attached to my wheel? Is something important gonna fall off my car? And lucky me, I am making ALL the stop lights. I finally stop at a stop sign and scoot in my chair out of anxiety. At this point, I have just decided that I am gonna drive this death trap home and see if I can make it. As I scoot in my chair, I notice that I am feeling a bit of resistance. Then I start laughing as I pull my stupid coat tie out of the door. I'm so daft sometimes. The rest of my ride was flap free after that.

I think driving home from work from now on is my favorite part of the day. Every day is an adventure.


Christie said...

That's so funny. Be prepared to lose the rest of your mind after the baby comes. Mine is long gone.

Lazy Daisy said...

What a great word picture you painted I can just picture it in my mind. Only you ....sweet girl can find adventure in anything.

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