05 September 2008

Nesting Nightmare

Construction. Will it ever end? It seems that every time one little thing is done to our apartment, something else gets messed up and needs fixing. ARRGG! Granted, it already looks 100 percent better and we can actually run the dishwasher at the same time we run a window AC unit, but still I'm getting really frustrated with all this mess! Every single room in my place has some kind of issue going.

My bedroom is the closest to being finished - we just got new carpet (which is AMAZING) that is a nice grayish brown neutral color instead of the former crazy burnt-umber colored rug that is older than I am. And boy oh boy is it soft! I rolled (because I can't do much more than that at this point) out of bed this morning and put my feet down and sighed with delight at the softness under my feet. Then I opened my eyes and saw that there are still big gaping holes in my wall from where the plumber is putting in the heating system. Nice. I should have kept my eyes closed. But the new lighting in my room is sweet. There are cool modern recessed lights in my ceiling now. (I used to have to rely solely on plug-in lamps and that meant I could only vacuum in the day time - or else I'd blow a fuse.) My bedroom, after the heaters are put in, will have to be painted again, but then it will be perfect.

My nursery, office, bathroom, and hallway are still a plaster nightmare. But today Jacko, the plaster man, is supposed to come and finish patching. He's gonna get a surprise in the nursery! There is a nest of squirrels living in the section of wall that he has to redo. (The landlord knows about it - he didn't tell Jacko, though!) So, hopefully when I get home today I won't have baby squirrels running around my place. It's a good thing I have cats. They may get a kick out of the event.

The living room also got new carpet yesterday. It's the same stuff that is in the bedroom. The carpet formerly in there was CRAZY. It was pea green and CRUSTY. Like, it literally kind of broke apart in your hands when you tried to spot clean. Gross. I am so happy that my little guy won't be rolling around on that stuff! There were strategically placed pieces of furniture covering bare spots. Now I can totally rearrange! But again, this room still needs the heaters put in, plaster holes fixed, and a new coat of paint. (The paint issue is due to the fact that my sweet baboo picked a great color of carpet, just not a color that matched the existing paint scheme.)

What's left? The guest room. The guest room needs a complete overhaul. It is the one room that has been the dumping ground for the rest of the apartment. It hosts all the random pieces of furniture currently in an upheaval due to the electrical work. It is the final frontier. Once the guys conquer that room, we'll be in the final stretch of construction - I hope.

So I bet you're wondering why I could be having blood pressure issues, right?!? What, with all this construction and all? Yeah. I've been having really flaky BP readings every time I go in to the doctor for my weekly prenatal check-ups. So, the doc's solution is to send me home and put me on bed rest. Well, I'm not so sure that's a great idea with all this construction going on! Let's hope this stuff will be done soon - for my sake!


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