03 September 2008

Hot Wheels

This mama just got a new ride. (I apologize for not blogging about this sooner - we've had electricians all over our house and I haven't had a chance to use my computer until just recently...)

This labor day weekend, I bought a new car! C.R.A.Z.Y. Isn't it cute? It's our new "family" vehicle. We've been needing to get a reliable vehicle that doesn't burn oil and overheat all the time and one that has a trustworthy engine. Our good ole 1996 Saturn is really starting to act its age. So, we've been looking for some time now at other possible solutions. Also, our other vehicle is a big red truck - not a baby toting source of transportation (and a major gas guzzler at that). Since baby boy Bomgardner is due pretty soon, we decided we'd better act. We've decided to sell the truck and buy this (gorgeous) 2008 Saturn Vue instead. It's used, but we bought it at the Saturn dealership, so it's in great shape. One of the dealers drove it around, so it has highway miles on it.

We got a most excellent deal on our Vue! I think it helped that it was labor day weekend (September is supposed to be the best month to buy a new vehicle, deal wise...) and that the 2009's are now out AND that I'm a cute VERY pregnant chick who can bat her eyelashes and haggle without seeming to "haggle." They dropped the original price about 3,000 bucks for us!!! (All those Saturday mornings going to garage sales and dickering with my dad really paid off this weekend.) The dealers were very nice and really spent time with us, working out the very best price. But whoa buddy - signing that car loan certificate was one of the scariest things I've ever done. It's incredibly hard, as a woman in her 37th week pregnant, to just make the decision of what to wear for the day much less making a major purchase such as this! I still can't believe I did this!

I sure do look cute behind the wheel, though - right?!? And just look at what else the Saturn guys gave me for baby Bomgardner! Wasn't that sweet?


Christie said...

Freakin crap that's so great! It's beautiful! Congratulaytions!!!

LadyBugCrossing said...

It's so you!
We had a Saturn and I loved it... until Mr. ran it up over a rock wall at 25 mph on an icy road and killed it.
Enjoy your new Saturn.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

You will need a bigger ride and if it is better with gas then great!! Now you are all set for #1 baby to arrive..i know your mom is ready..

Chris Holohan said...


Buying a new car is great.

Also, you look so cute, enjoy the new babymobile.

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