12 September 2008

Nesting Nightmare Part 3

Dude. It is freaking 7:45 this Friday evening and I have been trapped in my bedroom ALL DAY LONG. This is SO not cool. At least now I have a computer to play with, so I guess things are looking up? Here comes update #3 on my housing status...

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TWO GUYS TO PAINT A FREAKING ROOM?!? That is the question of the week. Apparently, for the layman, it takes approximately an entire day. And that is only if they "primed" the day before. One would think that, at the rate these guys are painting, I live in a mansion with giant rooms. However, I do not live in a mansion with giant rooms. I live in a small apartment with small rooms that are just being "touched up." Holy Lord.

Right now, the living room has finally been painted (but the baseboard heaters are STILL not put in). The hallway is drying and is (hopefully) done except for the thermostat and video intercom thingy they are going to put in - right now it's just some wires sticking out of my wall. The bathroom has not even been touched in a few days and is scary. The guest room has mostly been painted except for a patch or two that the guys missed (and Tim patched!!!). The kitchen is getting there - my landlord and his wife are in there as I write this, painting - but there is a big hole still behind the stove that still needs patching from where the plumbers changed out the gas line. The office and nursery are done, they just need to be cleaned now. And my bedroom done, it's just FULL to the hilt of odds and ends that I had nowhere to store. Arrg. And still it continues.

You know what happened last night? Tim, my incredible machine of a husband, pulled an all-nighter finishing up the nursery and painting the ceiling and cutting in the living room. I swear to you that he did more painting last night that Jacko and Alex (or Dumb and Dumber) did ALL DAY LONG. Now he is crashed out on the bed and I've stolen his computer so I can rant in my silent way.

One funny thing about our place now is that the hole behind the stove looks straight into our downstairs neighbor's bathroom. Like, I can totally see their funky green polka-dotted shower curtain. Nice. I wonder if Kevin knew about that last night when he jumped into his evening shower. Tim and I got a good giggle (and a shudder or two) at the thought of it.

Alrighty. It's now 8:30. I've been a shut-in all day and I'm really about to flip out. It's time to kick everyone OUT of my stinkin' apartment. Ya'll pray for me. Better yet, pray for THEM - cause somebody may lose a life.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Suzy...I feel so badly for you especially since you are confined to bed. Believe me the reward is going to be great...Just hang in there..i know it is easy for me to say..sorry..


Christie said...

that SUCKS! Timmy, get that poor girl some fresh air! Hope the full moon is lucky! :)

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