16 September 2008

Tim's Day

Happy birthday to the great love of my life! How exciting, as we prepare for the birth of our son, to reflect on and celebrate the day my hubby was born. (I couldn't find any early cake-eating pictures of little Timmy, but I really like this one with his big ole puppy dog eyes...)

Timmy, you're the best man I know - the most loving and compassionate, the most hardworking and loyal, the most brave and adventurous, the most capable and intelligent, the most handsome and gentle, and my most favorite person in the whole world! I'm so excited to see you become a father. Happy birthday, hunny!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Unless you have your son later on today...you will have passed Tim's birthday!! I am sure that you are beyond ready...whew!! Do I remember that time in my life..3 times..i remember the 1st one the VERY BEST!! smile..Take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little Brother!!!

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