30 April 2009

Thirty Things - #2

Little Charmer
Originally uploaded by peachicken.

Continuing with my list, I'm sure you saw this one coming... One of the major accomplishments of my life has to be my little boy. Wow. It's crazy because he has only been outside of me for 7 months, but honestly I can't remember life without the little monkey. Oscar is so great. I love looking at him and seeing things he does that remind me of myself. (That is the narcissist in me coming out...) And I melt when he looks at me like I am the only person in the whole world. He has me wrapped around his tiny little fingers. When he gives me that huge gummy grin (that my hubby says Oz got from me) I just feel ten feet tall. How wild is it that I helped create this little soul?!?


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