30 April 2009

Thirty Things - #3

Sepia Grad Grrrl
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Another thing I'm proud of is my education. In fact, I am VERY proud of it. I worked dang hard to get where I am. (Now if anyone wanted to grant me $19,000 to finish paying off my school debt, that would be appreciated greatly.) I was thinking about my education, today especially, when I chatted with my little brother about a horrible test he took this morning and how relieved he was when it was over. Daggum. I don't miss those days. Even though I miss the atmosphere and I really enjoyed taking certain classes, I wouldn't ever want to go back. I have a BA in Humanities and in English with minors in Theater Arts and in Biblical Studies. I also have a masters in Library and Information Science. So... I'm done. I did consider (recently) going back to get certified as a school librarian, but that would mean more money and more tests. Who wants any of that?!? I would, however, consider taking horticulture classes for a master gardener degree, but that would be just for me - not for a profession. And to graduate as a master gardener, you probably wouldn't have to wear those dorky robes and a strange cap. You'd probably graduate in a pair of work overalls and garden gloves. That would be more my style now anyway.


Christie said...

that would be so cool! I am so proud of you. And I second that idea to go get a Master Gardener degree. How fun would that be?!

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