20 July 2009

The Apron Strings

I'm doing a wedding shower for a friend of mine, so I went to a fun paper store to see about invitations. Of course, I wanted something sweet and I had a sort of idea as to what type of shower I wanted to throw, but I was hoping to find something in my price range that I liked. I found these cuties, but at $35 bucks for a box (holy gravy bowl!), I decided that I needed an alternate solution. I came up with this:

It's going to be a "kitchen and recipe pounding." The guests will bring a recipe and a pound of something for their pantry, like sugar or flour or whatever. (I thought this would be cool, because I recall my very first married grocery bill and how high it was because of buying all of those "first" staples!) I'm really excited about how the invites turned out. I wanted something cute and a bit retro looking, because the shower is going to be vintage kitchen themed.

Anyway, let me brag some more on these awesome invitations. I did the print inserts and recipe cards on scrapblog - love it. Then I made a paper apron and stitched a pocket on. (I put a slit in the back, behind the pocket, so the invitation insert wouldn't stick out so much and also the pocket wouldn't have to be super deep...) I cut out some cute paper whisks and punched some holes for the apron strings and that was that. Easy peasy and way cuter than the expensive ones, I think.

Here are more pictures for your enjoyment. Don't you wish I would throw YOU a shower?!?


Christie said...

super cute Suzy!!! well done!

Jana said...

You NEVER cease to amaze me with your awesome creativity, Suzy! These are fantastic! Little question, though, how can you mail them with the "strings" or are you hand delivering all of them?
I love the "pound of" from the pantry! Great idea!
Kelly and I are thinking of having a baby shower for Rachel the day before we leave to go back to Atlanta. It's WAY early for one, but neither one of us will see her again till AFTER the baby's born :(
What do YOU think?

Lazy Daisy said...

Too cute! What a great idea. I know she will be thrilled with the invites and the "pounding".

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