29 July 2009

The Invitations Are In The Mail...

Okay, so I've been a busy girl lately. My friend is getting married (the one that I'm throwing the shower for) and I worked on her wedding invitations. They turned out to be oh so pretty. I can't help but share the photos with the blog-o-sphere. I am so in love with them that I could marry them... Wait, that would be weird. Anyway, here are some of the photos (of course, the date details are blurred out for privacy...).

(Yes, the invitations ARE three layers thick and yes, I did embroider them together thankyouverymuch!)

The RSVP note cards are funky old postcards from the Lancaster area (where the wedding is). I had to create an RSVP label to go on the back of them, as some of them were used... But I kept it in the "vintage postcard" fashion. (Thank you again, Scrapblog!!!)

And here is the "contents" picture. You'll also notice driving directions and (not just one, but) TWO maps. Ahh yeah. One map is of downtown Lititz and the other is an area map of Lancaster. Did you know that I am an amateur cartographer?!? (Not really... I just know how to use Photoshop.)

And of course the outside envelope matched, too. The envelopes were craft paper brown with the wedding stamp on them. (Don't judge me for the polar bear stamp on the postcards... that was out of necessity.) Do you like the invitations?


Anonymous said...

Hi. You completely don't know me, but I found your blog's link on a friends blog.
Just had to say WOW! These invitations are AMAZING! You must be an awesome friend!

Christie said...

Holy Moly Suzy - those invitations are insane. Of course I'd expect nothing less from the queen of craft herself! You're amazing and you're friend is so lucky to have you in on the affair.

Anonymous said...

okay, I agree. wow! you could make some serious money doing these for a living. you do fabulous work!

Suzy said...

Thanks, everybody! Ya'll made my day!

Autumn said...

Love the invitations...both sets! very cute and imaginative :)

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