10 August 2009

Jar Head

I admit, I'm a pack rat. I just KNOW that I'll find a use for certain things - some of those things being baby food jars. I cannot seem to just put them into the recycling bin. And I know that, as soon as I do, I'll find some incredible craft to do with them and I won't be able make it, because I'm cleaned out. This happens to me all the time. (Well not really, but if it did, I'd sure be devastated.) This mentality of mine drives my usually patient husband nuts. We live in a smallish apartment and every square inch is valuable real estate. So, that means I better start coming up with so uses for these puppies or else I may get some privileges revoked!

One really cool idea I found on the web was this one... Yep. I already made a few of these.

Now I'm onto something else... I had this lonesome window by my apartment door that needed a garden. It gets great morning light, but there is a scenic issue, as in this window looks right out onto my ghetto neighbors' porch. Bummer. So, since gardens make me happy, I figured a mini garden would be better than a curtain. But I needed a garden that had height. Here is what I came up with:
It's an herb garden AND a hanging garden - oh yeah. All I did was twist a bit of wire around my jars, add some H2O and plant clippings, and voila! (Although, I still may consider a lacy curtain...)

Six jars down, MANY more to go... Anybody got any other ideas?


Christie said...

so super cute! you are the Queen! It makes me want to go buy baby food for the jars (but I guess that would defeat the whole reuse purpose, right?).

Autumn said...

LOVE IT!! So cute, and small baby jars are the perfect size. great post!

Jana said...

Awesome! I will have to make sure Rachel sees this for the future! :D I really love the pincushion.
I have to admit it, I am JUST like you with throwing things out! I can ALWAYS think of something that something else can be used for (Well, not on the spot, but someday.....)!

teri the big red dog said...

when i paint a room, i fill a baby food jar with some leftover paint. this makes touch-ups with a q-tip quick and easy. also if i need to add some paint to a little craft, i don't have to mess with bulky paint cans.

heather ryan morse said...

i save all of mine too..i was thinking the sec i threw them away, i would need one to store some food that i wanted him to eat later. he he

i am seriously thinking of copying your idea..the only question is, what happens when the water needs to be changed out and the plants have all grown together? or will you just let the water get green eventually?..

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