07 August 2009

Ten Years Now

Ten years ago today my dear friends Christie and Jeremy got married... I was there at the wedding with my brand new husband, too. Crazy. That was just the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship, filled with movie nights and chocolate chip cookies, vacations and a freaky "Jesus head" that (continues to be) passed between us. Today I stop and wonder, "Are we really this old?" Well, here's to weddings and ten year anniversaries! I love that we can celebrate them together Christie, dahling!


Christie said...

Thanks Suzy! We were such babies! I can't believe how young we look! You are the best friend ever, hands down. We love you guys so much!

heather ryan morse said...

ooh, i was there at yours!! i loved the butterfly wings!!! everything was so beautiful..and the carriage ride from our cars to the house was fun, too :)

i can't believe that was ten years ago!! what?! so much has happened since then!

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