10 September 2009

Cowboy Invitations

Well, I waited as long as I could to post these... I wanted the invited to see them in their mailboxes before they saw it posted here... But I think that by now, most everyone has received their invites (save some Canadians), so here it is! The invitations to Oscar's Cowboy party!!! And some fun cowboy pictures of my silly little cowpoke... (The first pic is his "growly" face - it's something he can kind of do on cue now! And it is pretty dang funny. There is a sad cowboy in there too, just so you know that being a cowboy is tough.)

As far as the invitations go, I really liked the way they turned out! I knew I wanted to do them on wood and I found some tutorials online for doing it. All it is, basically, is an iron-on. Tim and I created the image in photoshop and just reversed it. Tim chopped up some plywood for me and sanded the pieces down. I did the ironing on, but wasn't completely happy with the way they adhered, so I distressed them a bit more and burned the edges for a truly authentic "cowboy" look. I bought some cheapy Walmart sheriff badges that I sanded and glued on for the finishing touch. Then, we stuffed them into bandanna colored envelopes with some shredded paper (it is nicer than hay) and sent them off! Viola! (address and phone numbers are bleeped out, of course...)


Christie said...

absolutely adorable! I've never - ever seen invitations done on wood. Truly unique! I was amazed but not surprised that you did it yourself. so cute!

Jana said...

AWESOME! Suzy you really HAVE to start your own business doing this kind of thing! You have too much talent not to share it with the world!
When is the party?! Wish I could be there!

Care said...

These are INCREDIBLE, Suzy!

Suzy said...

Thanks gals!

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