04 September 2009

Wedding Travel Guides?!?

Do you remember the invitations I did for my friend Christina? Well, since her wedding is a bit of a road trip away, I figured she might need some Travel Guide Booklets, for all the guests. These were a blast to make and I think they turned out pretty nicely. I bound them with twine so they'd be easy to pocket and flip open. And since I was able to print out one whole booklet per sheet of card stock, it was pretty economical, too!

Really, I did these a while back but just forgot to post it. Since the wedding is this weekend, though, I figured there's no time like the present! We're on our way to explore some of the fun things to do in Lancaster... Hmmm... I still can't decide on whether to go for an Amish buggy ride, or to the Candy Americana Museum, or to the first commercial pretzel factory, the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery - maybe I'll skip them and just go see the funky Biblical Tabernacle reproduction!!! (Yes folks, for reals. There is a FULL-SIZED reproduction of Moses' Tabernacle out in Lancaster, PA. And I'm betting it's awesome.) As you can see, I tried to pack in some versatility in sightseeing.






Are travel guides the best? Do you think there is a market out there for this?


Christie said...

I'm pretty sure you're not from this planet. Maybe somewhere like Krypton. :) Great job Supergirl!

Jana said...

Your creativity NEVER ceases to amaze me! YES! I think you SHOULD start a home business doing this kind of thing! I would definitely buy from you!!
PS, glad you liked the blanket! Other part coming soon!

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