21 January 2010

101 Things in 1001 Days

Okay, so I'm going to throw down the gauntlet and issue myself a public challenge. (This is in no way prompted by the last good movie I saw, Julie and Julia - wait... who am I kidding? It totally is. I'll admit that want to be Amy Adams when I grow up. Uh oh - aren't we the same age?) Well, I was inspired by the Day Zero Project and my love for making lists, so I figured I should really go for it. Anyway, I figure if I POST a somewhat yearly "to do" list, I'm far more likely to at least do one or two of the things I've got written down. So here it goes... my list of things I want to get done in 1001 days. Notice I'm giving myself more time than just a measly year... Day Zero says it's best to include more than one season so you can realistically get your jive done.

*** EDIT***
I've been a long time in creating this list and posting this (about 4 days), so please note that I have completed some of these tasks. Go me. They are starred.
1. study 6 different cultures per year; have a themed weekend for each with food, music, culture and geographical info for the family.
2. make a quilt
3. buy a house
4. go fly a kite
*5. get a new pair of shoes (got me some funky brown boots)
6. make a first aid kit for my car
7. learn to make crepes
8. create a dance mix for me and Oscar
9. go through my closet and get rid of or refashion my old clothes
10. share/conquer my biggest fear
11. make a stranger smile
12. call my sister at least once a month
13. watch all of the star trek movies
14. re-read a favorite novel
15. meet some new mommy friends
16. plan a weekend getaway
17. finish Oscar's baby book
18. throw a fancy party
19. learn how to edit movies
20. handwrite someone a letter
21. skype with the grandparents at least once a month
22. get dirty and plant some veggies!
23. make business cards for "the purple peachicken"
*24. find a good church (in process...)
25. get rid of at least two boxes in storage in VA
*26. eat/drink a pomegranate (did this on 1-19-10! it had an interesting texture)
*27. take my kid to story time regularly (so far, so good - 3 in a row!)
28. watch an old tv series (like mork and mindy or something)
*29. check off 5 things on my NYC list (Project Runway Day was 1 of my things... 4 more to go)
30. finish my european trip scrapbooks
31. grow some flowers from seeds
32. create my own crafty pattern and a tutorial for my blog
33. organize the guest room closet
34. play with a yo-yo
35. make a felt playhouse for Oscar
36. post a blog entry about each of my family members
37. work on building my etsy site
38. visit Mystic, CT
39. have another baby (!!!!) yes, really.
40. tour a working factory
41. learn to cook at least three new meals (successfully)
42. write up a living will
43. make a recipe cards and copy down/organize all of our recipes
44. compile a "year one" oscar video
45. reorganize the storage in the basement
46. redecorate/paint our bedroom
47. take a class with Tim
48. make a slipcover for the bedroom chair
49. go on a road trip to at least 4 different states
50. update/redesign my blog and oscar's blog
51. sew up Oscar's car play mat (bought some super cute material at Purl Patchwork...)
52. go through all my magazines and save only the good parts - recycle the rest
53. get a new bicycle and start taking family bike rides
54. learn to make some jewelry
55. learn to do wool felting
56. make lots of felt play food for Oscar
57. get caught up in my photo editing/posting
58. figure out some crafty things to do with my millions of baby food jars
59. reorganize my craft cabinet and reconfigure my crafty space altogether!
60. learn more about different types of fabrics and how to use them
61. get a real (non-point-and-shoot) camera
62. purchase (and learn to use) a serger
63. do my first cartwheel
64. visit 5 different museums (that I've never visited before)
65. clean out my (scary) garage
66. rent 26 movies (I've never seen before) each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
67. create a font out of my own handwriting
68. try a new food, regardless of how frightening it is...
69. go camping with the boys (Andy can come too.)
70. read a classic novel that is over 500 pages long
71. lose 20+ pounds and keep it off
72. floss my teeth every night for a month
73. buy a stunning little black dress and go out on the town
74. learn how to fold 25 different papercrafts
75. watch all of the James Bond flicks, from start to finish (currently on the netflixs que...)
76. memorize one of my favorite poems
77. watch 10 movie "classics" that I've never seen before
78. visit Seattle with Tim
79. write and illustrate my very own children's book
80. use the GPS to try geocaching
81. go for a ride in either a helicopter or a hot air balloon
82. reconnect with an old friend
83. clean out my filing cabinet
84. make Tim take me to Cape May for Victorian Week
85. go skinny dipping, preferably some place warm
86. learn how to build a good camp fire
87. research our family tree
88. learn how to cut my kid's hair
89. walk in a marathon of some sort
90. weed my book collection
91. figure out how to use my stupid cell phone
92. drink more water daily
93. watch 10 movies from the year I was born - 1979
94. put together a giant puzzle with hubby
95. win a giveaway or a contest of some sort
96. create something using iron-on printer fabric sheets
97. learn how to properly use chopsticks
98. go see a hockey game
99. read a biography, 100+ pages, at least...
100. host my very own cocktail party, dresses and all
101. spent a week on the sea

So did you actually read the whole list? If you did, thanks. I appreciate it. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to put on this bad boy. And reader, if you create a list, I'd love to read what you have on your itinerary. Leave me a comment. And don't judge me for watching too many movies.


Christie said...

and this is why I want to be you when I grow up! You're so great. I'll be brainstorming mine. (and BTW, I love the new signature. gosh we've got to catch up!)

Anonymous said...

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Ruth said...

Great list, if I make one, can a copy a few from yours?

Suzy said...

Thanks ladies! And Ruth, sure thing. (If I am honest, I'll tell you that not all of mine are original, either!)

Christie said...

49. includes NC, right? right?!!! (seriously Suzy, we have places to go, fun to be had :)

Christie said...

I nominated you as a Kreativ Blogger on my blog.

becky said...

What church are you guys attending? Not the same Kathie Lee one?

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