29 January 2010

Busy Bee

Here comes a brag post. (Sorry, but I need some place to showcase this jive. I live with a bunch of boys and they could care less, know what I mean?)

I have been getting some great thrifted denim lately from my momma and have been at work putting together some cool things. I made a couple of marker rolls for some of my favorite little people... yeah, my own pattern but based loosely on this one. These made for great Christmas gifts! Let me know if you are interested in the measurements.

Also, I made some fabric toy boxes for Oscar's bookcase! These I'm quite proud of.

I went through several needles and loads of patience before coming up with something that works. It really cleans up the clutter, too. I got my inspiration for this project from these two creative bloggers - Jodie and Jill - Jodie has a great tutorial. I altered it a bit and came up with some soft denim cubes. I just couldn't seem to find anything that would fit into this space and hold all the extra books and toys, so I decided to make EXACTLY what I needed. Now I wonder why I wasted so much time searching!

My cubes are 10 inches all around, with extra fabric at the top to fold down and give it a bit of extra stability. What I did, because I wanted my cubes to be 10 inches wide and tall, was basically quilt strips together. I say "quilt" because instead of using interfacing, I used a thin batting between the layers. This gave the cubes the extra thickness it needed, but fraking killed me on the sewing machine! I swear, I must have gone through 3 or 4 denim needles on this one project. I don't do "breaking sewing needles" in a pretty way, either. Oh well. I like the way these turned out, so I guess it was worth the drama.


Christie said...

so great - I love them all! Luke's marker organizer is so cute! He love's it. And I love the denim cubes!

Angela said...

LOVE them both!!! WOW!! Those baskets would look fab in my little man's room! Shame I have don't have a sewing machine :( Maybe I need to invest in one or would you ever consider a little business?

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