19 February 2010


Sometimes, when I feel drained, I like to look at things that inspire me.

Lately, with hubby being out of town and having to play "single parent," I've been a bit tapped out. Everything that could go wrong has kinda done so, and I'm just sorta blah. Literally, within minutes of Tim leaving for his trip, I broke the hand towel bar in our bathroom. Then I managed to almost break a body part with a spectacular fall out of sheer clumsiness. (I survived, but have a nasty rug burn and three hyper-extended toes. Ouch.) Our new fish got into a quarrel and the little one, Seamore (Oscar named him, sort of), almost got eaten. My bathroom faucet now leaks for some reason. Everybody (cats, little boy, and mommy) woke up last night at 3:30am and then I had a beast of a time trying to get back to slumberland. Oz has been WAY clingy and my arms are sore from carrying around a 22 pound toddler for two days straight. He also has a nasty diaper rash and is ridiculously hard to change because of his angst for "goose grease." And yesterday, I managed somehow to get covered in baby food. It's been awesome.

Well, enough of the sucky. Here is some happy.

This is so perfect... I want to live here. (from Mimi K.)

I want these! (from fredflare.com)

from A Beautiful Mess (one of my fave blogs...)

I really want a copy of this book for Oscar's library!
(I'd also like a copy of Manners Can Be Fun.)

I love macro images... This guy is great.

I'd like to take a trip here. (Sacred Grove of Bomarzo)

Okay. Well, I know those were pretty random, but that is how I feel today. I'm signing off because my cat just filled his litter box and he doesn't know how to cover his tracks, if you know what I mean. And this smell is certainly not inspiring.


Christie said...

gosh, I love you. you are inspiring, even when you're blah. I'm sorry things have been so sucky! being a single parent really sucks, you and J could seriously commiserate. thanks for the happy, they all made me smile (and I definitely needed it! I'll be around until 5 if you need some girl talk :)

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