19 February 2010

List, Oh List...

Progress, my friends. I have made a bit of headway on my massive list. Here is my report:

#27 - Still a pretty regular attendee at library story times; I even branched out and had an impromptu play date with another mom right after (which would also be #15 - meet some new mommies). It was weird. I probably won't do that again. But I did it. I'm just saying.
#12 and #21 - So far, I've skyped with my folks and been in touch a few times this month with my big sis. Concerted efforts have been made to let fam know how much I love them long distance.
#35 - Bought some of the felt for Oscar's future playhouse...
#46 - Picked out a paint color for my bedroom and have started working out a plan of action as far as redecorating goes... Go me.
#56 - Made 2 felt food bananas, 6 felt strawberries, and 6 felt cookies (3 chocolate chip and 3 sugar cookies with sprinkles), all of which are super cute and will be photographed very soon. Green felt apples are next.

#58 - Did a baby food jar craft! Found it on Jill's blog. (Thanks Jill!) They are lids with fun shapes on the flip side... I made two sets for a future game of matching. Pretty cute. Oz loves to stack them and to put them one by one into his little drawstring bag. Very meticulous, he is. Anyway, it's a great little craft and super easy. Just a bottle of spray paint, a printer, and some scissors.

#68 - Try a new food. Oh yeah, I totally did this one. Tim and I had our Valentine's date at an Ethiopian restaurant! Whoa Nelly. Now if that isn't different, then you don't know me. Funny thing, I actually quite enjoyed myself! Who knew that Ethiopian butter was so rad?!? (You can't go wrong by adding brown sugar... Take that, Paula Deen.)
#71 - Speaking of butter, so far I've shed 6 of the 20 pound weight loss goal. Small victories, baby. And those don't come from eating butter, dang it.
#92 - I now drink twice as much water/Crystal Light as I drank prior to making this list. I plan it according to the mini master's snack/meal schedule... I force myself to consume a glass of something between his meals, bringing my glass total up to at least 4. This is also a victory for me. I really never drink anything except at my meals - I just never think about it. I must have been seriously dehydrated!
#94 - Puzzle night! Tim and I had one a couple weeks ago and it was loverly. I love that man.

Baby steps. I know that I still have some gigantium items on my list still (buy a house, spend a week at sea, have another baby) but I just wanted to post some progression and let everyone know that I'm still alive. Thanks for lending me your eyes.


Christie said...

that's so funny that you posted this. I just printed mine out before work to check on my progress. great work Suzy! I can't wait for you to check NC off your list! ;) love you.

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