06 March 2010

Philly Flower Show

Ahh... Whenever I think of this event, it brings a smile to my face. My amazing hubby takes me to Philadelphia Flower Show every year, even though it's a two hour drive (one way) and he isn't a big "flower" person. But he knows that he married himself a girl-flower who wilts all throughout the winter and that this show is like my spring preview. Seriously, it is just what I need in the blahs of not-winter/not-spring. (This is my LEAST favorite time of year.)

We spent the day in Philly, me snapping photos of beauty and him corralling the little guy and pumping him full of Cheerios until boy-wonder finally fell asleep. (Did I mention my hubby is my hero?!?) The theme this year was "Passport to the World" with incredible displays from everywhere. My favorite one was the bike shop display from Finland (I think... well, it was one of those tulip-bearing countries. Maybe it was the Netherlands?) I also loved the giant moss-covered elephant in "India" and all the "miniature" garden displays.

There was one display in miniature of the children's book character Eloise and her bedroom. It was so amazing! I'm including a pic here because this was just too detailed to NOT look at. (Click on the picture to see it larger - it's worth it.) The designer even did Eloise's bathroom with the black tiny hand prints and footprints! I was speechless.

And then, when my camera battery finally died (yes, literally) and Oscar couldn't handle one more flower, we headed over to Pat's for some world famous cheesesteaks. Oz had his first taste. He was less than impressed, unfortunately. Oh well, more for mommy and daddy.

I've got the pictures I took here on my flickr page, if you are interested in checking them out. And here's a little animoto video for your viewing pleasure... (If you don't see it pictured here, you can view it here too.)


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