30 April 2010

Felt Food Fridays

Well, it's Friday again and you know what that means... Here is my latest delicious addition to Oscar's play food pile. Unfortunately, these are a bit too fancy for him just yet. He tries to pull off the jimmies because they are just so shiny and enticing. (If you suspected that these cupcakes may have been more for mom than Oz, you could possibly be right. I don't think I'd argue with you.)

Sorry - I got a bit carried away with the pictures. But they are just so darn pretty! I didn't use a pattern for these, but I made it so that I could glue a baby food jar to the bottom for extra stability.


Christie said...

best yet!!! love them, love them! going to start selling these on etsy? you should.

Nikki + Shane said...

oh dear me, these are too sweet for words! well done :)

Suzy said...

smelly cat

Lazy Daisy said...

Love the way you photographed these with the teapot in the background. So sweet and cute for a child's tea party. You really should be selling these.

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