28 May 2010

Felt Food Fridays

I've been working on finishing an old scrapbook this week, trying to complete projects I started ages ago, so I don't really have a new felt food to post this week. But don't worry reader, it will still be new to you!

This is a felt food I made back at Christmas, for two special little girls in my life and I figured I'd make a set for Oz while I was at it. I got the pattern for the Chinese Take-out box here. It's really a great pattern - the box even opens! (And I know hers is WAY cooler, but since this was among my very first attempts at felt food, be merciful. I love the dumplings she made and the other whatnots, so I'll probably attempt - like some time in the future - to make more stuff to put into Oscar's take-out box.)

I made the fortune cookies the same way you would do the origami version, just with felt. I also stuck a thin piece of pipe cleaner sandwiched in between the felt to give it a bit more structure. I was tempted to embroider a fortune onto some white felt, but I figured that would be so much work and you know it would probably last like an hour before being lost forever. Seriously not worth it.

The sushi rolls are felt and terrycloth. And for the record, I know that sushi doesn't come in take-out boxes!


Christie said...

still brilliant!!! super cool!

Tristen said...

Can you send me your email address? I'm thinking I will be able to include you in the swap provided that I can get 6 more people to sign up (I'll do a double swap thanks to so many people who are interested!!) and I'd like to send you the informational email! Thanks! tristenlawrence at gmail dot com

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