22 May 2010

I'm in Your Mind.

(This is purely a subliminal message...)

Don't you want to "follow" me, reader? Come on... Right now I only have two followers. My husband (whose account I hacked so that he would be a follower) and my friend Christie. Look, reader - it makes me sad to not know who you are. It makes me feel unloved. And don't you know that even Santa needs people to believe in him so that he can make his sleigh fly? Don't you want my sleigh to fly so that I can bring you more posts? You see that button down on the right-hand side of my blog? That is for you. That is an open invitation to join my club. So let's hold hands and talk about unicorns together, reader. Just you and I.

(End of subliminal message...)


Donna said...

Hey Suzy,
I subscribe via RSS -- I don't have a (public) blog to link to, alas. But I just wanted to let you know I'm one of your subscribers, if not technically a "follower" :) Love the blog! Keep it going! :)
--Donna (from library school)

Christie said...


Tracey said...

I read you via bloglines rss feeds too. I am friends with your sister, so I feel the need to electronically stalk you without subliminal messaging! LOL!

Jennifer said...

I'm a Google Reader girl :) But I am giving you some follower love today!

Suzy said...

Can I just say I love you to you guys?!? Thanks a million!

Ladybug Crossing said...

Actually, I do follow you on my google reader feeder...
I don't miss a post even thought I don't comment often.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for a very long time. I found you by reading other blogs and enjoy your blog even though I have never commented! You were pregnant with Oz when I was trying. I had a baby almost a year after you had Oz so it is fun to read what is going on in your life and see where my little one will be in a year. Keep writing and sharing your lovely stories!

Donna said...

So, I wanted to update my comment above by saying, I am now a follower of both of your Blogger blogs (this one and Oscar's). :) I started a blog on Blogger myself a few weeks ago, and as such I am utilizing the dashboard thingy more. I'd love it if you considered following mine too! (or at least, checking in and reading from time to time) Hope all's well! :) --Donna

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