24 June 2010

Eleven Years of Love

That's right, baby. Eleven years of marital bliss. It seems wild to think that most of my adult life has been spent with one (incredible) man, but it's true... And I wouldn't change a thing! It's rare to find that one person who is your best friend and someone you want to curl up next to every night for the rest of your life. I count my blessings to have found my Timmy as early as I did.

(Sorry for such a sappy post, but what did you expect?!? We just celebrated being married for eleven years, for Pete's sake!)

We rang in the new year of love in style, too. The mister swept me away for an over-nighter, without the kiddo, at the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA. (A big THANK YOU to Diva and Poppa for being babysitters extraordinaire.) It was so nice to get away and be pampered with exquisite food and feather pillows and whatnot. We really enjoyed just strolling around the grounds, reminiscing on the past and dreaming together about our future. It makes me feel like the luckiest girl on earth. And the fancy-pants dinner and breakfast-in-bed was pretty nice, too!

Here is a little glimpse at our stay...


Christie said...

you gave me a big ole grin. It seems like just yesterday that you were the fairy princess walking down the isle to your dashing prince charming. What a day! and what a couple - congrats Bombgardners ;) i love you guys!!!

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