25 June 2010

Young Me and the Now Me

I subscribe to this thing called Photojojo for weekly fun photo tricks and photography happenings. It always gives me a smile. Anyway, I just got an update from them about this fun photo project going on... Check it out here. It's a photo project called "Young Me/Now Me" and people have submitted (hilarious) pics of them as children and them now. Here are a few favorite:


So funny. I've been hoping to get my brother into doing a version of this pretty soon. What do you think of this picture? Think Andy will go for it? Anybody got a plastic mustache I can borrow? How about a Miami Vice t-shirt?


heather ryan morse said...

I kid you not..when i was little i had that very same miami vice t-shirt!!! lol

Christie said...

so hilarious, I love it. really cool idea.

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