16 July 2010

Felt Food Fridays

Hooray! I finally finished this one... Oh man, between the funky cravings and being tired all the time, this felt contribution took it out of me. Plus I didn't have any kind of pattern to go on. Sheesh. Anyway, it's CINNAMON ROLLS! Delicious, right? I made Tim go out and buy me some pretty late at night. Pregnancy craving #1. (Why can't I crave something healthy? Like broccoli?)

All in all, these were decent to make. I used two cocoa pieces and two tan pieces of felt to make half dozen rolls - and had stuff left over even. This is what I did: I cut craft felt (the stuff at Michaels) into about 2-3 inch strips, long ways so they were about 10 inches long. I also angled the strips a bit, so when you coil them up into cinnamon rolls, the center is a tiny bit taller. Then I machine sewed them up on three sides, making sure that the widest end gets sewn and the skinny end gets left open. Turn them, and then stuff them. Oz had a blast "helping me" do that. He calls fiberfill "clouds." It's really sweet. But make sure you don't stuff the tubes too tightly, cause then they'll be hard to wind and end up looking funky. Sew them together as you wind them, making sure to not let your stitches show too much. When you get to the end, sew the open end down, folding the dark "cinnamon" brown felt in so it doesn't show. As the finale, I used some white "puff paint" for a swirl of icing. I hope that made sense!

Now for more pictures...


Christie said...

awesome - my mouth started watering,literally. is there anything that you do that is not amazing! seriously. ;)

Sherri said...

They look awesome! So realistic!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Girlfriend your killing me. Now I have cinnamon rolls on the brain....must have, must have. I agree try broccoli felt food next week.

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