22 July 2010

To Austin (And Back) With My Man

So yeah, I'm behind with my pictures and posting... But hey, what else is new? Anyway, I wanted to share with you (probably) my only "vacation" trip for the summer. (And no, husband... this isn't me being passive-aggressive and letting you know that your wife needs more getaway time... Well, not really... Okay. Yeah it is.)

We spent a week in Texas visiting my hubby's fam. It was great. And "Grandma and Grandpa" were so gracious as to babysit Oscar for two days and let us get away for an over-nighter trip down to Austin. Oh man. It was heaven on earth. We had some minor car frustrations, but overall it was an amazing trip. I'm such a tourist, so I had a pretty long list of things I wanted to see and do. And we were surprisingly able to do most of the things on my list! Okay, yes we literally RAN through the LBJ Presidential Library and the Bob Bullock Museum was a bit of a hazy blur, but at least I got to see everything and snap a few pics. Here is a video of our trip highlights...
(BTW, if you are reading this via Facebook, this video more than likely won't appear. Click over to my blog, whydontcha?)

If you want to see more of the pictures at your own pace, you can check them out here on Flickr.
Okay, so here are some of my memories of the trip:

- Sipping Hibiscus Mint Tea at the oh so tranquil Lady Bird Wildflower Center (it was brutal hot and I think I drank a whole pitcher full of the stuff...)
- Finding out that yes, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas, even the state capitol building. (It's 14 feet taller than our nation's capitol. Nice, huh?)
- 100 degree weather
- "Do you know the way to (Hotel) San Jose?" Staying at the raddest hotel in town. It was a Mexican and Japanese hybrid hotel, very feng shui but with cactus plants everywhere. It was very cool. If I was Ernest Hemingway, I'd probably stay a while.
- Seeing red dragonflies...
- Eating at the Iron Works BBQ, best stuff in Texas.
- Waiting to see some (temperamental) Austin bats... Austin has one of the largest urban bat colonies and we waited for FOREVER to see them swarm out from under their bridge. It was still worth seeing, even though my feet were killing me.
- Cupcakes on South Congress Street served out of an airstream! How much more fun can a person have?!?
- Walking through the Museum of the Weird and seeing a Fiji mermaid. Now THAT doesn't happen every day.
- Sneaking pictures at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum. Naughty Tim.
- Getting completely dizzy looking down from the top of Texas Capitol building - well, not the very top, although Tim did try to sneak up to the tip top. He got busted by the security guard, though.
- Potty breaks at the fancy pants Driskill Hotel! (Hey, I'm pregnant. Pregnant chicks have to go all the time.)
- Having a "Bento Box Breakfast" at the hotel. Again, a completely amazing place.
- Getting sunburns on our feet while we tried in vain to fix a persnickety vehicle. (But I gotta say how impressed I was with the locals. People actually stopped and asked if we needed help. That seriously would never have happened up here in NY.)
- Standing in the frigid 68 degree water at Barton Springs in the heat of July in Texas.
- Exploring the funky shops on South Congress, thrifty and otherwise...
- Strolling down 6th Street. We didn't catch any concerts or anything though. That's something I'd like to do if we ever get to go back.
- Seeing the "Oval Office" at the LBJ Presidential Library.

I have more memories, but I won't bore you with any more, reader. You should go there and make some memories too! I'm a big Austin fan now. What a funky little college town!


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