06 August 2010

Fun Toy Friday

So, no felt food today. Instead I did a project I've been meaning to do for a while - make a Tie Snake. In an effort to purge my guest room of extra stuff (it's not "junk," husband...) to turn it into guest room/office space/craft room, I'm slowly working through my "to do" pile. It's hard work getting space cleared for a new person! But when that new little person arrives in January, it will all be worth it.

So here he is! Simon the snake. I made him out of a funky old thrift store tie, stuffing, some pop-on animal eyes, and a bit of red felt. He was really easy to make. Here is a decent tutorial if you are interested in making one.

I would suggest sewing it instead of hot gluing, just for child-proofing. (It's crazy how quickly an almost-two-year-old can figure out how to unglue and destroy something hand-made. He can't take the sewn items apart, though - thank goodness.) The pop-on animal eyes I got from Hobby Lobby. They are basically like snaps, with a nut-like piece in the back, so it can't be pulled off. Also, I added an old film canister filled with beans into the tail stuffing, to give him a bit of a rattle. That jive cracks Oscar up.

Simon is a hit! Oscar loops him over his shoulders and walks around hissing. It's hilarious. Let me know if you make one too, reader!


Prescott, AZ said...

Man, I so badly want to be as crafty as you! I love everything you make.I wouldn't be surprised if I liked Oscar's toys as much as he does!!

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