05 August 2010

I love...

It's been a while since I posted some of my current favorite things, so here are a few on my radar right now.
This heart necklace is oh so cool. Birthday present, anyone?!? (I saw it first on my RSS feed but can't remember on who's blog! Ack. Sorry for not giving creds. I would if I didn't have the world's worse pregnancy brains.)

Speaking of pregnancy, all I want right now are these two items.

In fact, why don't you write me down for one of these (below), instead. Just substitute the Hershey bar for a strand of grapes. That's right. You heard me.

I'd love love love to have a red and white chevron print rug for my living room. I sure can dream big, can't I? (Yes, when the price isn't listed on the website, that usually means it's pretty freaking expensive.)

I would love this bag, too. I think I sure could look cute carrying it, being pregnant and all. The bow could offset my tummy? No?

I really want to learn how to make these cool necklaces out of old jersey knit t-shirts and beads. I could totally sport this. Hers is super cute.

And finally, how fun would an instant camera be?!? Then I'd not fuss with photoshop AT ALL. That's almost unimaginable to me. I'm not sure when the new Polaroid 300's come out, but you can preorder them now. Pretty cool. I'll take mine in red.


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