11 September 2010


Finally! It's almost here. I suppose I should get some brownie points for my extreme self control... I've had a sealed envelope for almost three weeks now, just waiting to be opened. BEGGING to be opened. Want to know what it contains? The results of my last ultrasound! It has, written by my technician, whether the newest baby Bomgardner will wear bows or bow ties. Anyone want to take a guess?

Tim and I decided to do something fun and different this time around and host a "gender reveal" party. We didn't want a baby shower or anything, since we have what we need from when we had Oscar. But I still wanted to have some kind of celebration for this baby - something different from big brother Oz, you know? I want each of my kiddos to know that they are special and unique.

Anyway, I read about a few of these type of parties and I knew this would be perfect. I think it's even more special that it is a surprise for me and Tim, too. I'm super excited that we'll have our friends and family there to share in that special moment. We are going to do the reveal by using something close to my heart - cupcakes! I have a baker friend who will be doing some simple cupcakes with butter cream frosting filling that is either pink or blue in the middle. So when we bite down, we'll find out what was in that envelope... What do you think, reader? Pink or blue? The anticipation is KILLER.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough!


Angela said...

how stinking creative are you?! And here I was all impressed with my coming up with Jacob's bedroom as a 'Wii' bedroom! Piccies will done :0)

Can't wait to hear!

heather ryan morse said...

how i wish i lived closer so i could take a bite with yall! i have this theory that is semi scientific that involves sperm swim speed and when you ovulated and when you had sex..but since I know none of that..i will just look at how you are carrying and say "girl"..can't wait for pictures of the party!

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